LPP and MPD 2021


Delhi Master Plan 2021 was passed out by the government under the notification number known as SO 141 on dated 7- 2-2007. This plan only projects an entire need of 24 lakh houses, for the projected 2.3 million folks by 2021 for sheltering the wide gap in both the supply as well as the demand of houses.

In MPD 2021, DDA/Government has properly defined its major role as simply of an implementer for speeding up the gathered planned development. Government proposes that while this internal project growth is to effectively take care of any private development team, Government shall be accountable for the outside growth in the time leap manner. It is really the 1st time that the government has requested the private developer to partner in the efforts in a creative manner.

Useful details of LPP Model

The landowners or landowners group (who have gathered together of the individual violation or will of the purpose) or any buyer referred as the PE/DE, shall be agreed to participate effectively in this land pooling plan according to the agreed norms as well as guidelines mentioned in the MPD 2021 chapter known as 19.0.

The Diamond Multi CGHS Ltd will now take DE part for facilitating/organizing/managing the purchasing process and blend of the land parcels through a self-financing scheme via its members.

The Diamond Multi CGHS Ltd will also confirm that this aggregated land and bought letters suit the established norms of this land pooling policy confirmed by DDA, via its gazette notification that is dated on 5.9. 2013. This society will confirm that these land parcels are:-

Benefits of master plan Delhi 2021

• Completely free of hindrances
• Land of project does not fall under the green belt or low-density project area
• Land is never under the devoid or lawsuit of illegal construction or encroaching
• The land is not a portion of illegal constructed areas, colonies or informed Lal Dora village land.

Soon, the society will prove on-time submission of every required document actually grounded on any prescribed format by the DDA/while proclaiming the zones available for the land pooling.

The Diamond MultiSate CGHS Ltd will now sign the development agreement with LPA/DDA for confirming the permission of LTC as well as thereafter placing the growth license within an approved time limits and format.

The growth works will also accomplish in an agreement with the DDA growth policy and the Diamond Multi State CGHS Ltd.

DDA/Government Role

The landowners or landowners groups ( who have merged together of their personal violation or will for this kind of purpose) or the contractor referred as PE/DE, shall be capable to participate in this land pooling plan as per the guidelines and approved norms mentioned in the chapter 19.0 of this MPD 2021.

The announcement of this region as per the groundwork and land pooling of sector and layout plans discovered on the convenience of a physical structure.

Superimposition of profits maps of an approved regional scheme.
The time bound development of the recognized area with the Master Plan roads, the offering of physical substructures like drainage, sewerage, and water supply, provision of traffic, social substructure and transport facilities counting the Metro Corridors. The DDA platform shall be answerable for the external development in a time-bound manner.

Gaining of the left out area receptacles in the time bound manner will only take up, while, the individuals are not moving forward for contributing in growth through the land pooling.

The area refunded to developing DE in category II will be 48% & land reserved by DDA will be 52%. The land circulation returned to DE is (60%) in terms of property use in group I will be 53% gross residential, 5% of city Level Commercial and 2% of PST.
The DE shall be a reverted land with the smallest distance 5 km radius of joint land subject to forthcoming planning needs.